Green Burials

What is a Green Burial?

A green burial differs from the traditional funeral burial in a cemetery by the use of the only natural materials which are bio-degradable. Caskets are made of simple woods, wicker or fiberboard. No toxic chemicals are used in preparing the body for burial. This eliminates any pollution to the environment. Headstones are replaced by the planting of remembrance trees or simple slate stones. This entire concept maintains living memorial woodland.

The service can follow traditional customs by the use of a priest or minister. All faiths and religions are welcomed and family members and friends may attend the burial at the graveside. Traditional religious services may take place at a church or our Bronx funeral home prior to attending the burial.

Where is the cemetery?

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is in the Village of Sleepy Hollow, New York. The Riverview Natural Burial Grounds within the cemetery overlooks the waters of the Pocantico River, which meander gently just a few steps away. These untouched grounds provide a varied natural terrain. The Riverview Natural Burial Grounds is the perfect choice for those who seek an environmentally responsible option for the burial of a loved one, or for themselves. And its just a short distance away from our Bronx funeral home.

What is the concept?

Riverview Natural Burial Grounds is a sustainable space. No inorganic fertilizers or pesticides are used on this land. There is no embalming. Only untreated biodegradable, natural materials provided by our Bronx funeral home may be used in the construction of the casket or shroud. Even cremation urns must be fabricated of organic materials such as corn starch, salt, or untreated woods.

Want to learn more?

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