Meeting in Person at our Bronx Funeral Home

At the time of need after you contact our Bronx funeral home to inform us of the passing of a loved one we’ll set up an appointment for you to come into our Bronx funeral home to meet and make funeral arrangements.


What to Expect

At the meeting, we’ll discuss the different options you have including visitation, religious services, personalized items, and cemetery options. At the time we’ll also be collecting personal information in order to file the death certificate. We would need the following information:

1. Full name of deceased

2. Their place and date of death

3. Their place and date of birth

4. Their legal address

5. Their Social Security number

6. Their highest level of education

7. Whether they were a veteran of the US Armed Forces

8. Their occupation and industry they worked in

9. Their father’s name

10. Their mother’s first and maiden name

11. The name and address of the next-of-kin.

Electronic Meeting

While we always prefer to meet face to face with families at our Bronx funeral home there are times when its impossible to do so. Whether it be distance or schedules we’ve streamlined the arrangement process so that if you aren’t able to come into our Bronx funeral home we can meet via Skype or FaceTime and telephone and e-mail.

We’ve displayed all of our merchandise on our website and we can easily go over service options and merchandise selections. In most cases, any paperwork can be signed via email.

A Tradition of Caring